Most of my recent images were taken with my 14" f5.2 Newtonian reflector from my heavily light polluted location in Liverpool using an Artemis 285 CCD camera and recently with an Atik383L+. Observational astronomy is inevitably related to the weather conditions and so Meteorology is another of my interests. Details of the night-time cloud cover records that I keep can be found here.

Recent Images




I took this image of M51 with my new Atik 383L+ during some very hazy weather from11th April onward, not to mention the volcanic ash cloud overhead :-) but wasn't very happy with the result but after a lot of processing eventually here is the result. Binned 2x2 LRGB of 130:78:112:82 minutes in 2min subs. Astronomik type II 1.25" filters, 14" F5.2. Taken from Liverpool, UK. More results with the 383L+ here.